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Spoil Your Dog, Not Your Children - The Video

Ok so the world is a place where lots of the people who really need information just don't read. So, I've decided that rather than curse the darkness, I'm going to try to light a candle... by any means necessary.

So, if video is the way people are getting information, the love doctor has to shift gears. So rather than repeat writings of the 600 columns I wrote, as the occasions arise, I'm going to create videos about the same lessons I wrote about for twenty five years which I learned from reading great books and by my experiences and watching other people succeed... or screw up their lives.

One of the central truths in my life is that I never met anyone who screwed up their lives on purpose. People who make bad choices generally don't know or understand something important, some really don't even know that they don't know because everyone around them is messing up the same way, so doing things that are screwing up your life feels like what you are supposed to do. So rather than judge people's state or reasons for not knowing, I prefer to teach.

So the video I'm featuring below came about at the end of a session while the camera was still rolling after I had handed out my books to a group of young people after a presentation. A young man took issue with a chapter in my Book His Way Works entitled "Spoil Your Dog Not Your Kids". Well, he asked... and boy did I answer.

Please share this with people you know need it. Here is the link :


 If you know somebody who would benefit from this video they probably need the whole book...

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