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Love Doctor Podcasts

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The Love Doctor Show is broadcast live in New Orleans from 6PM to 7PM on WBOK 1230 AM, and is available online at The Love Doctor Show is dedicated to helping people understand how to get together, stay together and raise wonderful. This comes from a life which has succeeded in all three: 46 years of marriage, building a family business, a growing mentoring program and three grown and gone children who are doing quite well on their own. We created this podcast so you can have access to the insights provided in each and every Love Doctor show. Know better and live better!

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Love Doctor Show 001 - Background of the Love Doctor's origin and Column on Advice

Love Doctor Show 002 - Does Romance Have to End with Marriage?

Love Doctor Show 003 - Spoil Your Dog, Not Your Children

Love Doctor Show 004 - Ruined Men

Love Doctor Show 005 - Express Yourself