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The Enemy Is Evil

Sometimes, I write using the word "enemy" and some fools assume that I'm making some sort of veiled reference to race. Yes as a black man, racists are my enemies, but so are corrupt, greedy, abusive, dismissive, lying, cheating, stealing people of any race. Evil doers of all forms are the enemy, anyone who does not follow the golden rule of treating others as good as or better than they would expect of themselves. I have particular contempt for black leaders and politicians who think its "our turn" to grab for themselves by being corrupt, greedy, abusive, dismissive, lying, cheating, stealing people. They have played into the hands of those determined to destroy trust for black on black leadership.

And on racism. Anyone can be a bigot, all that requires is ignorance of history and science, and a need to feel better than somebody else. To be a racist, however requires that you have the power to promote bigotry so your people will allow / encourage you to oppress "others", for your and their economic gain, e. g slavery, taking of people's land, oil...

There are lots of black bigots, but for a black person in America to be racist he/she would have to be successfully operating a campaign using ignorant black people to do physical harm to "others" who had done him/her no harm. He /she would know that would cause a race war and anyone smart enough to organize that effectively would know the numbers and firepower can't work.

So when I and others suggest that it is in the interest of black people to try to spend more money with other black people, how in the hell can that be Racism or bigotry? Such actions would be based on a keen knowledge of history, as in the behavior of other imigrant groups arriving on these shores voluntarily. Even today the Asian community is lifting themselves using their and unfortunately a lot of our money as well. (I ain't mad at people who pooled their money and bought stores as those among us who could turned up our noses for good jobs and "security" in some one else's bosum)

Blacks who promote commerce among ourselves are just trying to fix the poverty (and all its children) that racism and bigotry created by helping keep money where we and our children are more likely to have an opportunity to use it again... and again.

By the way, none of this is directed to "other" people, but to a new wave of historical ignorance seeping into the mindset of our community, letting "others" convince you that helping people wtth the same target on their backs to remove it can in any way be something wrong or evil. How can making it a point to have lunch in the community be evil, when you would never deny that right of "others" to do the same. Hell, I love me some Asian, Latin and Midle Easten food... sometimes.

So don't trade your mind for acceptance, and people don't need or have a right to know what's in your head anyway. Actually I question and distrust anyone who goes there, what are you trying to justify or feel alright about?

Stop tripping, attitude ain't oppression, and if you are messing over anyone then you are the enemy.