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On Being Constructive

One of the things that tears us apart as people and stalls our progress as families and communities is the preponderance of negativity in thought and deed. Our relationships and our ability to come together to move forward where we can is diminished by looking for the wrong and constantly reacting to that, when the energy and resources could have made something happen. There is a real need for keeping our guard up, but We should remember and teach the children this word.

Constructive: constructing or tending to construct; helping to improve; promoting further development or advancement (opposed to destructive)

Being constructive is choosing to invest one's time, energy and/or resources to build, improve or advance something. It occurs to me however that to be constructive a person has to believe they have something to offer in helping build, improve or advance something.

 Its a tragedy if a person cannot find an opportunity for being constructive. Sometimes, though, the inability to connect with a constructive opportunity is because we are distracted by other people's failure to be constructive in areas that are important to us... sometimes blinded to the constructive opportunities that we could see... and can do something about. Actually there are many constructive opportunities everyday.

Say something constructive

  1. Add an idea

  2. Encourage someone

  3. Recommend someone

  4. Compliment someone

  5. Teach someone how to do better

Eat Something Constructive (build your health)

Do Something Constructive

  1. Change politics – register/ motivate your voters

  2. Help someone succeed.

  3. Learn more about more

  4. Save for a rainy day.

  5. Smile at/talk to/educate/protect/provide for children

  6. Volunteer for / Contribute to a project or institution you believe in