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Tereasa B is A Songbird

     The first time I heard this lady's voice was several years ago, singing backup for the incomparable Gina Brown. The first instant I heard Ms. "B" sing I could hear that she had "the gift", a set of vocal cords that arms her with that ringing flutelike tone that is very distinctive, yet makes me think of Whitney in the ease of her expression. This child's voice is more beautiful than she realizes, like most God given talent easily overlooked by the one blessed because to them it is easy. 
     Boo and I caught her at the Wine Bistro in the CBD. The croud there is younger and while we have heard her do a more "back in the day" act, that night she did the newer R&B material which is less familiar to me and Boo, but more appropriate for the venue. I have to say however that the girl sings so beautifully that you can't help but enjoy and appreciate her performance, almost no matter what she sings.
     She is also quite annimated and engaging as a performer and had a couple of very talented ladies singing backup, and the band was tight. I for one would love to see her in a set where she would be in a spotlight and just let her voice and her mastery of it do all the work, to hear her whispered notes as well as the belts and jams, like real stars do.
     If you ever have a chance to hear Tereasa B, go, you will hear something special. If she only  knew...