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BRW @ Harrah's

If you haven't seen BRW lately, do your self a favor and look them up again. Singing together for over thirty years. Billy, Rohillion & Wayne, together since 1972 have reached a level of professionalism and showmanship that matches their talents at the microphones. They are really amazing these days and have fully embraced the necessity for engaging outstanding musicians to lay the base for their beautiful harmonic expressions. High energy is a hallmark of any BRW performance. They do not keep still, except of course when singing some of those sweet sweet love songs. It is hard to imagine men who have been performing so long to jump off the stage as they did Thursday evening at Harrah's and then execute full splits on the dance floor as just part of the show, then go back onstage and dance some more. Needless to say this brought the entire audience to their feet in amazement and disbelief at what they saw. But they really didn't have to do anything like that to be exciting as an act, they had me with tight harmony, great band and polished vocal expressions of all my favorite songs.