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#1 - Advice

I'm going back to the beginning with my Classic Love Doctor series. I hope a new generation of readers enjoys these brash and bold columns I wrote over 20 years ago, and perhaps my old readers will get a warm fuzzy chuckle as you revisit and re-read the Classic Love Doctor


Copyright 2012 by Lloyd Dennis

  Love Doctor #1 - Advice

Hi, this is your Love Doctor. If you are lucky enough to be reading this, you should keep it. For if you have never felt lucky in your life, this is your lucky day. You are now among those who are blessed with a collectors item, the introduction of LD, the "Love Doctor" to your home town. Keep this copy of the paper, go out and get more copies, if you can find them. In a few months this issue will be worth plenty. Things that mark the beginning of new movements are historical in nature and tend to become valuable. This issue is such an item, for it brings to you for the first time, LD, the Love Doctor. The Love Doctor is going to change your life.

 I'm going to help you to look at yourself and your loved ones as you've never looked before. I will open your eyes to the reasons for trouble in your love life. You will love yourself better, your spouse better, your children better, your intended better.

 Some of you are saying, "Who does this man think he is?" Well ladies and gentlemen, I am someone who has achieved what most of you, deep down inside, really would like to achieve in your own lives, a long term love partnership. My wife and I have been married for more than 21 years, and its getting better all the time. In addition to this success, God has blessed me with a special sensitivity for human relationships. I have always had the urge to analyze everything. My favorite question is "Why". When I see people having trouble with their relationships, my mind goes to work observing and analyzing until I understand. Since I have been blessed in this way, I have decided that it is my duty to share this talent for understanding with those of you whose talents lie in other areas. (Some People can sing, some can play ball, I understand!)

 Since the purpose of this column is to improve your love life with advice, I have decided to dedicate my first column to the topic of "Advice". After all, why should you take advice from me, or anyone else, for that matter?

 After reading this week's column, many of you will solve a major problem, not only in your relationships but in other parts of your lives as well. All that is wrong with some of you is that you've been listening to the wrong people. Afterwards, when you understand where to get good advice, and your life improves as a result, you should write to me to say thanks for saving you from a life of failure and misery.

 Here we go!


Notice how miserable people like to hang out together and give each other advice and complain about their problems. I have analyzed this behavior and I understand. People who have failed at something don't want to feel like failures so they get together with other failures and blame other people for their problems.

 It happens on the job all the time. The people who didn't get promoted hang out together and complain about the boss or the person who got the promotion. It's really crazy. All the failures listen to one another, no wonder they are failures. They spend all of their time learning from failures.

 If you want to move up on the job get advice from a person who has been promoted. That person knows how to get promoted. Remember though, if you do this, others may call you a brown nosed butt kisser or they may gossip about you sleeping with the boss. Let them. That is their way of making themselves feel good about not moving up.

 The same is true for your love life. If you are having trouble in a love relationship, please don't hang around complaining with other people who are having troubles. Look around and, if possible, find a couple, an older couple, who are doing well in their relationship. There you may find someone who can give you good advice. My wife and I have several older couples whose relationships we admire. Much of our marriage is patterned from what we see in those relationships. Find someone who's making it, and ask them how.

 If you want to raise good strong industrious children, find several people you would like your kids to be like and ask them how their parents raised them. You should get good advice! And when someone gives you advice about how to raise your kids, check out their children. If you don't like their kids, then don't take their advice.

 I know that there are always some who will not accept even the best advice, because it will mean that they have to do or change something. But that's the way life is. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. But if you want to learn to cook, find someone who's food taste good.

 Please don't keep the company of couples who are always fussing and fighting. Whatever you do, don't take any advice from divorced people or anyone who constantly complains about their lover, friends or children. These are just crabby people who will make you crabby, if you let them. Take the advice of happy successful people; they know how to make it!

 If you or "a friend" has a problem you would like discussed in my column, write to The Love Doctor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will do my best to help as many of you as possible with my God given gift of Understanding!

 Sorry, but I am certain that it will be impossible for me to answer each and every letter, personally. From all the screwed up relationships I've seen, that would require several dozen of me. However, I have observed that people tend to have similar problems in their relationships, so you should be helped by the topics covered in the column.

 I fully expect that some of you will resent me. That is to be expected. As a child, even I resented it when wiser people corrected my behavior. Even though you may become angry from time to time, you really owe it to yourself to read the column. Hopefully through my efforts here, God will make stronger happier families which produce strong, motivated children who will grow up to make this place a better place to live. If we love better, we will live better.

 Next Week's Topic - Does Romance have to end with Marriage?

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