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So You Don't Want to Vote?

I don't discuss injustice against us any more. Instead I quote Mr. T, "Pity the fool" who thinks you are going to be respected if you don't exercise power, if you bend over somebody is going to ride your back. Dr. King told us that can't happen if you stand up.

Stupidity is running rampant in our communities. In predominately black communities all across America police brutality is on the rise and on election day black people have something better to do. The young black males who are most likely to be targeted are the most likely to have some excuse for not pursuing their right to vote. That is stupidity. The armored vehicle is about to run over you and you prefer to stand in front of it rather than grab the steering wheel.

Hell, if the people in any area where police are running rampant would go out an begin registering en mass, stuff would change immediately. Politicians are puppets and they will respond to whoever pulls the strings. Young and struggling black people have handed over the strings and now want to pout, piss and moan and protest about injustice.

There is no such thing as justice, Justice is an ideal not a reality. Power rules everyplace on the planet, but in America you can vote and if you aren't wealthy the only damn power you have in America is your vote.

Let 30 - 35% more black people register to vote, here and across America and watch the tone and policies change. Right now there are people in politics who would like to do things to benefit struggling and young black people, but hell without those folks voting, they can't afford to. The last politican to stand up for poor black people was Johnny Jackson and come election day the people he stood up for had something better to do... like when the Superbowl overshadowed the Mayors race... and now y'all complaining about Serpas.

And those of us who know better need to just speak up and say... "That's what you get when you don't vote... your ass get's kicked by people who don't fear you.

And pay attention to Ferguson, and see what a few bottles and 9mms do when confronted with Iraq tested armor, while tearing up your own neighborhood. Remember they stopped you from crossing the bridge here in New Orleans, so, like in the sixties all you'll mess up is your part of town. Some folks been waiting for this chance to show you who the boss is... since you refuse to take the power. They learned from the sixties, I hope we have.

So, yeah, its at that point for us... Register and vote or get nothing you need, go to jail or die... 

So, take this from the Love Doctor: If you don't love yourself, your children and you community enough to register and vote, ... why should anyone else? And please don't talk to me about what's not right if you aren't!

How bad does it have to get?