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Bamboula 2000 @ ASHE CAC

If you ever really want to understand, for yourself, deep inside yourself the relationship of modern music to the African Drum... without words getting in the way, you really just need to experience Bamboula 2000. Your eyes, ears, feet and butt in the seat will instantly understand. This collection of musicians and traditional dancers have become a cultural icon in New Orleans.

The “bamboula” is the traditional African Drum rythym that makes the “second line” what it is. It is the rhythm that brought syncopation and our “back beat” to American popular music. African drums are at the center of all Bamboula 2000's music, even though sometimes not overwhelming, sometimes nuanced into an energizing base for really contemporary music that covers a range from “root music” to R&B, Regae(ish) and even Rock, but always uplifting and conscious... family music, and music all young people need exposure to to help them cherish the heritage which made popular American music possible. The think about a Bamboula 2000 set is that you always feel better afterwards, knowledge you can vision, hear, and so uplifting for your soul. Ooh, that was good!


Dancer Jamilah Peters-Muhammad and Master Drummer Luther Gray formed Bamboula 2000 almost two decades ago and have maintained their dedication to this special musical connection between then and now. That night Eric Hornsby was on keyboards, Darren Brazley on bass guitar, Mike Espade on lead guitar, Cameron Woods on drumset, Clark Richardson on jun jun, Luther Gray on conga and djembe, Elbert “moses” Fulgham and Drena Clay did the vocals and Jamilah Peters Muhammad, Giselle Nakhid and Torrence Taylor danced.

Bamboula 2000 has a CD available which does all of the above entitled We Got It Goin' ON


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