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Naydja Cojoe @ Harrahs

Naydja Cojoe has a powerful instrument in her voice, and she knows how to play it, and she can sing anything with it. I don't know if I've ever heard her sing an off note, even as she ranges from sultry alto to wailing in the top of her considerable vocal range.

In addition to her vocal range her stylistic range is just as considerable, going from Etta James' "At last" to pop to even country western renditions. Her set at Harrahs showed it all off to the delight of a really "crossover" crowd, a mark of her broad appeal.

She is also one of the best at involving audience in her act. She's even been known to call up yours truely to do the Ike part of Tina  Turners classic "Rollin on the River", but this week I stayed in my seat as a gentle with a better bass voice really did the piece justice as Naydja had  several fiesty ladies from the audience working out as the "ikettes". 

A Naydja Coejoe show is always going to be good music and good fun... for everyone.  (her photo is not mine but from her facebook page)