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Mia Borders @ the Blue Nile

We had a long day Saturday, Job Corps' Graduation and a wedding, but I had promised Khris Royal that we would come catch his 10:30 set at the Blue Nile. We got there a little early and managed to find a seat near the door, at the back relative to the stage. I thought we were going to have to stand a la Tipitinas, and that wasn't going to happen because even well exercised sixty year old legs get tired after that kind of day (especially when you also danced at the wedding after you took the pictures). When the set started Mia Borders took the stage with her band.

 Now my kids know about Mia Borders, oldest boy has two of her albums, but I had never heard of her before. Its no wonder, because while she is extremely soulful, you wouldn't call her a “soul singer”. She gets really bluesy sometimes, but I wouldn't call her a blues singer. She and her guitar band can really play in the rock mode, but she's not a rock artist. But she is good and unique and polished and professional and we enjoyed her music even though I really can't classify her, and perhaps that's her musical thing throwing it all together and seeing what comes out, but doing it with passion and competence. I heard her by accident... and I'm glad I did. It won't be by accident next time.