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Angela Bell @ Sweet Lorraine's

Saturday night Angela Bell was at the top of her game under some very difficult and distracting circumstances. As Sweet Lorraine's Jazz Club has become a gathering place for very influential citizens, on almost any election night, someone is going to be celebrating a victory or licking the wounds of defeat. Well Saturday night Angela Bell had to hold her own as jubilant supporters and campaigners for victorious candidates greeted one another and cheered the arrival of the victors candidates. Its always a beautiful thing, but it takes a powerful performance to compete with such distractions.

There is an unofficial performance benchmark at “Sweet's”, as some have shortened the name. When a performance is good enough to gain the attention and draw applause from the folks at and across from the bar in what I call the “Pub” section, the performance has to be extraordinary and powerful, and that perfectly describes Angela Bell's performance that election Saturday night. She brought it and gave it all with renditions that she always takes to another level. Quite often Angela does a standard in a way that I know the original artist would wish they would have... if they could have.

Boo and I had the additional pleasure of sharing a table with a young couple from out of town and to experience how people who have never heard Angela reacted to her presence on stage. They were wowed, blown away and so envious of Boo and I who get to enjoy her any time we want.