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BRW added some “Elements”

Last Thursday BRW did it again, surprised me! I guess If you are going to be a regular act at Harrah's or any set where you know the audience is going to have a lot of the same people who caught you last time, you had better freshen up your show. Truthfully, we were tempted to skip this Thursday because we had just seen BRW a few weeks ago and we already had a demanding “party schedule” for the weekend, but they were really good the last time we saw them and our dancing and cruising friends were going to be there so we went.

Well I'm really glad we did because BRW rolled out a section of the show that featured Earth, Wind and Fire's hits, and they did it with as much smoothness and power at the Elements did back in the day. It seems that adding a second guitarist/vocalist has broadened their musical scope considerably. As expected from BRW, the show was tight, tight tight. No wasted space between the music. From now on I will never consider BRW as a repeat performance, seems like they know they have to freshen up the show if they want people who like them to keep coming back.