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French Quarter Festival 2012

Boo and I did French Quarter Fest Friday and Saturday and since it was as crowded on Saturday this year as it was last year on Sunday, we passed on Sunday this year. We really like the featuring of local bands and if things keep going the way they are, French Quarter Fest may become the true Jazz and Heritage Fest of New Orleans. I keep wondering how they are going to keep it free. If the crowds keep growing each year you won't be able to walk, much less get food or drink, or set your chair down... on any day.
I don't eat breakfast on a festival day and we always head straight for Jackson Square where we had the goat cheese and crawfish crepes and shrimp eggplant from Muriels and a hot sausage sandwich from Vaucreson's. Then heading back to Woldenberg we grabbed the crawfish cakes topped with crawfish cream sauce from Royal House.
The next day we boarded the street car at Canal and rode to the Mint where we found these crab cakes by the Alibi, man to die for, rich almost all crab meat, seasoned with creole seasonings with butter and worth taking the streetcar ride. We then made our way back to Woldenberg and planted our chairs in anticipation of the evening's fireworks grazing on a Gyro plate from Mona's and Little Tokyo's spicy crawfish sushi rolls. And, yeah, we heard and enjoyed the music, but to tell the truth, it was kind of about the weather, the food, the Hurricanes and people watching as the sounds and smells and waning sunlight signaled that Spring had definitely arrived in the Crescent City.