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A Completely New Experience at Salŭ on Magazine

One of my children, after reading my review of Salŭ a fairly new “small plates and wine bar” eatery on Magazine St., went there themselves and shared my enthusiasm for Spanish inspired food, not to be confused with Latino or Mexican food. They enjoyed it so that they presented me with a gift card to Salu for my recent birthday.

Upon entering I was again blessed to see and be recognized by the manager, a young man named Greg Thomas. Since he had done all the ordering when I visited with a mutual friend and first met him. Boo and I leaned on Greg again for his recommendations from a menu that has nothing in common with any of our previous dining experiences. We Ordered the Oyster Nachos, Duck Breast and Manchego Flautas and Seafood Paella, a sort of safron based “jumbalaya” with mussels, shrimp, crawfish and tiny scallops. While they prepared the Paella, we were served the two “small plates”. Of them boo and I agreed that the oysters served on a crispy wonton with salsa and a very interesting “barbecue” sauce were “to die for”. The duck flautas were very tasty, crispy and savory, a new experience for us both. Needless to say that when the delicantly fragrant and richly colored paella came we were about half full, but the very savory and hearty taste of this rice based concoction was very satisfying to cap off the meals as well as the next day at home.

Just as we were calling for the check, Greg sent this heavenly, delicious, but surprisingly light desert, the Chocolate Ganache is this cold cup with layers of mousse, devils food cake, and a fruit flavored cream cheese. Wow is all we could both say as we surpised ourselves by eating the whole thing after that very satisfying meal. One of my favorite things was thisnice  Cabernet which they sell for four dollars a glass, a really respectable red. Thanks Greg!