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Gumbo @ L'il Dizzy's on Esplanade

Stopped at L'il Dizzy's hungry as ever (skipped breakfast) and ended up with with what recently became second my favorite lunch at one of my absolute favorite lunch stops, and as usual the service was outstanding as was my bowl of what must be one of the top Gumbos in New Orleans, richly flavored, almost creamy and chock full of what we call “Ingredients”, smoke sausage, ham, hot sausage and shrimp. Really tasty and satisfying, I always end up leaving some in the plate. But I have to confess I was a bit disappointed because I had stopped to get on of those perfect oyster po-boys that is now my number one favorite lunch when I pull up on that corner. I remember when Wayne introduced it to me... Mmmmm. How crestfallen I was when me and another customer were told that the shellfish were not available... out. Qell he and his date left to pursue his quest, but I stayed and made the best of that really great gumbo. Life has its tribulations.