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Soft Shell Crabs w/ Potato Salad @ Sweet Lorraines

I wasn't even hungry Saturday night when I settled in to hear some good jazz while my dancing partner was out of town with the daughter and grandkids, but I messed up and asked Dee Dee, our waitress, if they had soft-shelled crabs. So she said “ They sure do, served with the potato salad.” and asked if I wanted to order... Oh my God, with the potato salad, but damn, I wasn't hungry, so I told her “Not yet, but please don't let the kitchen close on me.” Right then I got that warm smile and nod that from Dee Dee means, “I got your back.”

Well, about two glasses of Merlot later, courtesy Lawrence Martin's table, Dee Dee presented me with a plate containing two (because they were small) perfectly seasoned and fried soft shell crabs, legs crispy, bodies still moist and tender, and a really nice serving of what has become Sweet Lorraine's signature potato salad, always served cold, always light and fluffy, textured but never chunky and flavorful without being either tangy or salty. Its a family recipe and the owner still makes it himself, but don't ask for the recipe or to watch while he does his thing. Its so light I don't even know if it has mayonnaise in it. I left a little overfilled, but with my Boo on the road, all I had to curl up with was a nice full stomach.