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Oyster Po-boy at L'il Dizzy

OMG! I had an Oyster Po-boy for lunch today at L'il Dizzy's and Wayne Baquet the owner committed to trying to keep the kitchen stocked with the delicious shellfish. I believe people heard me groaning all the way across the room with each and every bite of the generously stuffed sandwich on extra fresh tender and light on the inside and thin and crispy crusted Leidenheimer's french bread. I could have had it “dressed” but all this bread and perfectly collection of perfectly fried oysters needed was some butter, pickle slices and dabs of our local hot sauce.

Its so nice when my sandwich is so stuffed that I end up with several of the golden fried shellfish to experience without the bread. What a treat. While I don't eat fried food regularly, I generally bend the rules once or twice a week for something as delicious as L'il Dizzy's Oyster Po-boy. Thank's chef!